Editing makes the story

I am a big visual person. I dissect any movie and try to figure out how I can make it better. I recently went to the local aquarium with my kids. It’s not the biggest aquarium I have been too, but it does have a pretty cool big tank with sharks, turtles, large fish and stingrays. It was feeding time and was amazed at how the divers didn’t get attacked.

I made this :14 second film to make it appear as if they divers were in trouble. You may ask me how I did it? Well, I have two elements going on in my story telling. It’s the music and the video edits to the music. I could make a real relaxing film by having classical music playing in the background with slower cuts.

Watch the next action movie and mute the intense scenes. Re-watch it with the sound on. You’ll see the music and video editing makes the scene.

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